Thursday, January 7, 2010


Posted by Jen Ko at 6:22 PM
Sorry for my lack of updates, I've been lacking at work...

I moved to Baldwin Park so I've still been trying to clean my room a bit and work on a new workspace for nails. I still work at Oops J, I just haven't called in for my schedule. Tomorrow, I will do that and start getting my life back together.

I really "played" a bit too much during the end of 2009, something I have never done before but now I shall learn to balance between work and play.

Emotions have been fluctuating and when hard times come I run away from my problems. :(

Lots of new updates soon, I guess a lot of personal stuff.

There comes a time when I could care less about what people think of me, I know who I am and I stand firm of it. Reality is, who knows who reads this and this is a partial work blog for nails but it's my blog so I shall post whatever I want. Starting from this year, it's also a personal blog but I can't ask people not to judge but try to judge less please. ;)

Maybe I'll just make a separate blog for that, decisions decisions...

Let's all work hard for a brand new year!! :)

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