Monday, January 25, 2010

Mi Piace (Pasadena)

Posted by Jen Ko at 2:19 PM
The one thing I love about hanging out with L is all the yummy foods we eat albeit lately, I've been broke and I slowly came to realize after eating at so many places... food is still food. I don't find the need to spend more then 20per person anymore unless it's for celebration. OR unless it's Japanese, BBQ.

Mi Piace is located in Old Town Pasadena on Colorado, I've always passed by this place and was captivated by the big windows and outdoor seating. One day L asked what I wanted to eat and I said somewhere I haven't been before so she took me here and I'm the pickiest person ever so I'm sure I got on her nerves without knowing what I wanted to eat.

Her Strawberry Mojito and my regular Mojito.
I don't like alcohol very much and I only order mojitos during dinner.

bread is not so good.
Caesar salad - it was actually really good albeit I still love Caesar salad's that come with anchovies.
carpaccio - I didn't really enjoy this dish. The beef was cut too thin and there was too much vinaigrette on it. It didn't even taste like meat really so I was a bit disappointed.
Gnocchi Di Spinaci E Ricotta Salata - This was L's and I remember trying it and thinking it was really good. I'm a carnivore, I need meat in everything and I was surprised at how great it was with spinach.

Spaghetti Con Polpette - My spaghetti with house made meatballs and tomato basil rosemary sauce was just average. I really should have gotten something else. L got all the hit items and I got all the missed items.

After my experience at Mi Piace, I feel like I'd have to read more reviews on what to order there. The service was above average and the food was somewhat average, I will definitely try again though.

Mi Piace
Old Pasadena
25 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91105

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