Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Years eve/ J's Birthday

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This is so late but I take too many pictures and I never have time to blog about them. 

So for J's birthday we went to Disneyland and we also wanted to celebrate new years eve. Anyways so here's some pictures! Oh yeah, his birthday is on 1/1, isn't that neat? We also went to dinner on the first and I'll post those pictures next. 

We bought are tickets there and we saw that they were offering annual passes to S. Cal residents. I think the package we got was $180 per pass and you pay $69 each person and every month they charge you $7.xx. I got them for both of us because I felt bad that I didn't get him a Birthday present. He insisted that we change the monthly installments under his card. I kind of regret it because.. how many times am I going to go to Disneyland?

I'm trying my very best to do everything in order but I'm so backed up. 

I only slept for 3 hours, I was actually really excited so we looked so sleepy. 

The first thing we did, of course, was eat. It was SO packed that day. I wanted to go somewhere more romantic but there were people everywhere. Blue Bayou was booked :(
I got the steak sandwich. Since there were so many people I had to go get seats first so I didn't get to pick. J said each meal costed about $15. 
It comes with a salad.

The food was pretty good! Obviously over priced but much better then Universal. 

By this time J. and I were so annoyed of all the strollers and moms and people. We just weren't having any fun and all the rides were about 2 hours wait! We got the fast pass for Haunted mansion. I think that was the only ride we went on.
yum yum.


I thought that was the ugliest hat ever. 

We weren't having any fun at all! We left, and went back to the car to take a nap but we woke up at 9. I don't know how we managed to sleep for four hours but we did. We were going to drive to a closer parking garage but we noticed that it was SOO foggy. We thought about it for awhile and decided that we should just go home. We made it home just in time for new years and celebrated it with a clock. lol. 

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