Thursday, October 15, 2009

I am back and ready for a change

Posted by Jen Ko at 12:25 AM
These were done before I went to Taiwan, I really love the whitish gradation. :)

These were my nails for awhile. It's just clear with rhinestones, I like it very much because it looks simple.

I blinged the lens cap of my lens cap. I think the D60 looks too manly and I wanted to make it into a girls camera :) Best way is to add rhinestones and pearls.

PS I know a lot of you have been worried about me and my whereabouts. I'm sorry for the people I have responded through email but I'm still working my way slowly through the overload of emails (spam from facebook). I am back in LA and I'm doing my best to I wish the best to everyone and for the Chinese people.. there's this song by A-lin called 做我自己. The lyrics have helped beyond any other song.

期待下一個MR.Right出現 在我眼前
醜小鴨的我要改頭換面 變得更美
自信它是我字典裡美麗的恩典 深刻體會
心情已經完全改變我的一切 問題解決

穿上我最耀眼的高跟鞋 在你面前
換上我最亮眼的一面 讓你看見
空氣中的我散發出迷人的香味 這是絕對

我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢

就請你守住自己的勇敢 請走出來
讓生命起步變得更澎湃 活的自在
苦痛與寂寞統統都不再擾亂 把握現在

請別再去想別人怎麼看 就做你自己就會很All Right
我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢

如果你現在覺得頭痛 別躲在家裡自己寂寞
不如就和我一樣一起大聲吶喊 拋開所有一起來看

請別再去想別人怎麼看 就做你自己就會很All Right
放開你胸懷大聲吶喊 請你什麼都不必再管
我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢

我不再去想別人怎麼看 我就是喜歡自己很勇敢
現在我只想做我自己 真的很愉快

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