Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori and Shabu Shabu - Monterey Park (2)

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Before I start, I just wanted to ask everyone not to talk to me about J anymore. I think this is actually directing to majority of my customers because he's dear to my heart and I don't want to hear anymore bashing and it's really not important what happened anymore. :) I have grown really antsy while I'm doing nails so please understand how I feel because J has been there from day 1 with my nail business including me preparing for my license exam. I try my best not to think about his impact and it doesn't help when people are constantly asking me what happened. Everyone is bound to judge him and I'm not going to let that happen so no questions! :D thanks.

Peanut ice cream bar. :) yumyum.

he's a good looking guy huh? :)

After I received my D60 from J, we went to Shin Sen Gumi Yakitori in Monterey Park because I was going through this yakitori phase. Shin Sen Gumi is pretty darn delicious but the bill always makes me choke a bit.

yakitori station. :) I love watching.

Vegetables for shabu shabu
Sesame sauce and ponzu
US washu beef. :)

I can't believe my camera does such cool things! :)
Sweet potato
looks so pretty :)

I can't remember what this was.. beef maybe?
Chicken with Salt
delicious potato
Thigh with green onion (salt)
Chicken skin
pretty picture :)

Chicken with green onion (sauce)
*special* heart
The guy introduced me to try this and let me just say it was NOT good.

I love yakitori.

Shin Sen Gumi and Shabu Shabu
111 N Atlantic Blvd #248
Monterey Park CA 91754

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